Month: May 2016

Appeal to Today's Renters - Anton Systems

Appeal to Today’s Renters Using Technology

What would you say is the primary demographic of your property?  If you are a residential property management of an apartment in particular, you’re likely noticing that more and more younger people are moving in lately.  Millennials, who are considered people born between (roughly) the early 1980s and the late 1990s, are moving en masse …

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Simplify Your Software - Anton Systems

Simplify Your Software

Simplify your Software By: Janet Cunningham / Anton Systems, Inc. The Property Management industry is diverse in the offerings each company has to allow full feature management.  This diversity ranges can be as simplistic as Management, Maintenance, and Brokerage to full feature Management, Maintenance, Development and Brokerage which handles all sales and leasing of outside …

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Preventative Measures - Anton Systems

Preventative Measures in Commercial Property Maintenance

If you ignore your body’s smaller symptoms, you may find yourself at the doctor or even in the hospital with a bigger and more serious issue.  It’s much the same with commercial property management: you need to take preventative measures in order to keep up with the day to day needs and issues that may …

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Modern Property Management - Anton Systems

Modern Property Management Updates

This is a busy time of year for property managers: are you ready for it?  Even the most seasoned managers have something to learn as new trends and habits among renters emerge, so make sure that you note common desires of your renter demographic in order to have the most appealing property to offer, whatever …

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Renting to College Students - Anton Systems

Renting to College Students Warrants Consideration

It’s about that time of year: college students are graduating or heading out for the summer and many of them will be looking for a place to live.  Particularly for those whose university experience is over, or for those who plan to live off-campus in the fall, they will be seeking out apartments of all …

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