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Fall Claims Could Trip You Up

Despite your best efforts, there may be an incident on or in your commercial property where a tenant or visitor slips and falls.  Though you’ve been careful with the cleaning and have employed warning signs, these fall claims could be highly detrimental to your property manageme
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Lease Design for the Commercial Property Manager

There are a lot of hoops for a property manager to jump through in all cases, and one commonly encountered by the commercial manager is the sometimes-complicated lease design.  What does this mean, and how can you most easily navigate these tricky waters? How Can You Simplify Lease De
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Commercial Property Manager Success, Part Two

The previous discussion of how to most effectively work as a commercial property manager involved concepts that weren’t exactly revolutionary, such as making sure your tenants are satisfied and making sure that you are keeping up with changes that may need to be made on your  pr
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Commercial Property Manager Success, Part One

What makes a good property manager?  It likely varies from location to location, but there are absolutely a number of core qualities and practices that can be found across the board of those who are most successful.  In terms of working to be a great commercial property manager, it ta
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Using CRM to Nurture, Retain and Succeed

One of the more valuable attributes of using CRM strategies is the ability to nurture and retain existing customers through increased customer service while also reducing the cost of service to those customers. By using CRM tactics, you can assist management by optimizing information
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