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Holiday Tips for Safety’s Sake

The holiday season is a stressful time for many and one during which everyone has a lot on their minds.  For property managers, there can be increased concerns during this period when business and work load could be at their highest and other issues come into play.   Because a number
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Commerical Property Management Tips - Anton Systems

Streamline the Commercial Property Experience

When you have a commercial property, you as a real estate manager want to make sure that your residents are happy and committed to the location for a long time. It can be both more pricier to have a vacancy within a commercial building as compared with a residential property and often
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Landlords Helping Veterans - Anton Systems

What Can Landlords Do for Veterans?

“It’s the smart thing to do for your business,” said the First Lady upon her plea for landlords across the country to begin taking homeless veterans into their properties. For those who have vacancies that they’re looking to fill, Michelle Obama has called for
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Legal Tips for Landlords

Consider Legal Tips for Smoother Business

There are enough pitfalls in working as a landlord that you should begin your work armed with as much information as possible.  For example, know that there will be legal battles involved (most likely) and that you’ll find yourself in the middle of them.  Whether a rent dispute
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