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How Can New Technology Improve Your Property?

It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion of technology within the past decade, the past five years, even in the past year alone.  Smartphones are in the hands of most of the people you see and can be used for much, much more than texting and social media.  As a proper
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Retain Residents with a Little Help

There is a lot of discussion around how best to attract and retain residents.  You want to draw in the people who take care of their units, are courteous and quiet and clean, have good credit scores and don’t come with trouble attached.  These people, though, have expectations o
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Tips to Communicate with Customers

Each customer is different.  That isn’t breaking news and so it shouldn’t be surprising.  What many people may not consider, though, is how this simple fact plays a role in how property managers should relate to these same people in daily interactions.  Renters have unique
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Preparing Your Property for the Changing Seasons

With fall officially in swing, there are a few steps you should take as property manager in order to accomplish some important upkeep before things get too chilly.  Regular maintenance is important with any property, but the changing of the seasons is a crucial time to at least do an
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connecting with clients

Success Starts by Connecting with Clients

In a highly relevant and articulate article, 2015’s IREM president Lori Burger takes the time to highlight the importance of connecting with clients and others in the industry.  However, she notes that it’s more than a simple e-mail or Facebook post meant to engage; in ord
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