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Online Payment Use Rises

More than two-thirds of residential property managers surveyed now offer their residents the option of paying their rent or homeowner association dues online. Specifically, 68 percent of those firms surveyed by New Heights Research allowed online payments last year. That’s up fr
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It’s Time for Spring Cleanup

Ah, spring in much of the U.S. has finally arrived. The snow has largely melted. The smell of hyacinths fills the air. And the sounds of spring abound: birds chirping, leaf blowers blowing, chain saws roaring, weed whackers purring. Mary Girsch-Bock, writing on,
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Trends in Property Development

Although the housing and commercial real estate markets were hit harder than most other areas of the economy when the Great Recession struck, these industries have experienced a resurgence in the past couple of years.
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You, Too, Can Be Your Own Property Manager

If you’re thinking about investing directly in rental properties, you’ll need to make a big decision about how to do it, namely: A.) Are you going to manage these properties yourself, or B.) Will you hire a property manager to handle them for you? If you’re looking t
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