Renter Retention - Anton Systems

Renter Retention a Crucial Focus for Managers

When there are not people in your units, renting from you, you are losing business (and money). If you haven’t shaped up your renter retention strategies, then you may already know how keen this loss can be. Rather than continue to take a hit while you’re trying to lure in
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Property Management Software - Anton Systems

Property Management Software Attracts New Renters

We’ve discussed at length the benefits of having property management software working for you within your business, but new research has proven even more thoroughly that it can “save you time, money, and lost tenants.” If you haven’t already chosen a software s
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Updating the kitchens and bathrooms - Anton Systems

Updating the Kitchens and Bathrooms in Residential Units

Is your property a residential one? If so, then it may be time for you to consider updating the kitchens and bathrooms. There are a number of trends that you can take advantage of right now to present your units as modern, functional, and stylish without breaking the bank. Take Note o
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Hiring property management office staff - Anton Systems

Hiring Property Management Office Staff Is a Process

If you are newer to the property management game, or are just looking to change things up within your office, then it may be that you’re looking to hire some new faces. Hiring property management office staff may seem like a simple-enough task, but there are some considerations
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Summer Property Maintenance - Anton Systems

Summer Property Maintenance to Please Renters

A big part of your work as a property manager is to prep for all seasons, both in and outside of your building. Before it’s officially autumn, as an example, you should take care of some summer property maintenance to ensure that you are ready for potential new renters who arriv
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Safety on Your Property - Anton Systems

Safety on Your Property Is Top Priority

Whether your building is commercial or residential, safety on your property should always be your number-one priority. It’s likely that you’ve heard at least a little of the story of a terrible fire in a London apartment building, one that recently devastated the people li
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Budgetrac Software - Anton Systems

Budgetrac Software Aids in Modern Retail Issues

In the age of Amazon, many of the big box/anchor stores are shuttering their doors at a record pace, leaving retail mall owners and property managers with quite the conundrum; how does one fill those humongous spaces, and keep the mall alive? How can Budgetrac Software help with these
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Budgetrac Real Estate Development Software - Anton Systems

BUDGETRAC 101: Introduction to Real Estate Development Solutions

The Real Estate Development Cycle is tracked by multiple fragmented software applications. A true Real Estate Developer software application does not exist in the marketplace. What solutions exist to combat this and other problems? The answer lies in BUDGETRAC and its high-tech system
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Preparing for new Renters - Anton Systems

Preparing for New Renters with These Steps

As a property manager, whether you’re in a residential or commercial building, interacting positively to your renters is crucial. Your residents or tenants will be there for some time and you’ll likely have more than one interaction with them, so you want to make a strong
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Rental Amenities - Anton Systems

Rental Amenities to Include on Listings

If you have a rental property, then you may think you’re already doing the best job in marketing it that you possibly can. Or, maybe you think you could be doing a better job and aren’t sure how to proceed. The truth is that there are a number of rental amenities that you
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