Preparing for new Renters - Anton Systems

Preparing for New Renters with These Steps

As a property manager, whether you’re in a residential or commercial building, interacting positively to your renters is crucial. Your residents or tenants will be there for some time and you’ll likely have more than one interaction with them, so you want to make a strong
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Rental Amenities - Anton Systems

Rental Amenities to Include on Listings

If you have a rental property, then you may think you’re already doing the best job in marketing it that you possibly can. Or, maybe you think you could be doing a better job and aren’t sure how to proceed. The truth is that there are a number of rental amenities that you
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Green - Anton Systems

Concepts of Green Space

There are many collations around the country promoting green office partnerships and space. Green office partnerships promote the office or workspace to practice energy conservation, green meetings, paper conservation, publications and marketing communications, waste diversion, transp
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Mold - Anton Systems

Mold on Your Property Causes Big Problems

If you are the property manager of an older building, then you may have faced this issue before. “Mold can be highly destructive to your buildings; highly toxic to your residents; and highly damaging to your profits, too.” If you don’t know how to properly treat thes
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Summer Maintenance - Anton Systems

Summer Maintenance for Your Property

It’s officially June, which means that the date of the beginning of summer is steadily approaching. It may be hard to believe that the year is nearly half-over, but this means that you have to begin to think about summer maintenance that may need to be taken care of in and aroun
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Move-Out Process - Anton Systems

Move-Out Process Starts Before Move In

The move-out process is a hugely stressful experience, and not only for your renters or tenants. This process is long and involved, taking a lot of time just to get the person (or people) and his or her things from Point A to Point B. However, “smart planning and precautionary m
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Fire Insurance - Anton Systems

Fire Insurance a Property Management Necessity

You may think that you have all your bases covered when it comes to your residential or commercial property. However, there will always be surprises, and some of them can be very, very serious if you aren’t prepared. One such issue may be a fire, and fire damage is a threat, obv
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Cybersecurity 2 - Anton Systems

Cybersecurity Revisited

Last week, we began to look into the subject of cybersecurity for property managers. You’ve hopefully begun to understand now how important it is to keep your business’ and your renters’ information safe, so read on to learn some strategies that can ensure that all o
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Cybersecurity - Anton Systems

Cybersecurity for Businesses Big and Small

Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now… and has been for a while. Why? Because everything is online, on the web, and in the cloud. People’s personal and private information is not always kept private for those who know how to find it. This may make you wary of using electr
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Bedbugs - Anton Systems

Bedbugs Cause Headaches for Property Managers

If you have a rental property where renters are spending one or more nights, then you may have previously had to deal with the issue of bedbugs. If these disgusting pests appear in one of your units, there may come a debate in which it’s argued whose responsibility it is to deal
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